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Where is the United States ?

Why the silence of the United States in the renewed conflict between United Kingdom and Argentina on the Falkland Islands may someday cost her dearly

Over a week has passed since the re-broke of the Falkland Islands conflict between United Kingdom and Argentina, and so far we have not heard a word about it from President Barack Obama or any other official representative of the United States government.  South America Countries (Rio Group) published a support in the position Argentina, Caribbean Communities countries (CARICOM) have announced that they "understand" the Argentinian side and call for negotiations between United Kingdom and Argentina on the subject. Even UN Secretary General Ban Ki - Moon has already announced that if asked to will negotiate in the conflict. Actually, all the American continent countries have already expressed their opinion, well okay not all, one kept silent, the United States.

Compared with the previous round of battles which took place in 1982 President Ronald Reagan supported completely his good friend Margaret Thatcher, this time the United States of Obama prefers to remain silent and not support any party, and leaves the solution to the dispute in the hands of the parties involved.

The reason for this silence is an American attempt to approach the countries of South America, the new direction for the South continent has declared by President Obama at the beginning of his term. The first step, we saw six months ago when the United States in a rarely move share similar opinions with the countries of South America regarding the question of legality of the military coup in Honduras, even though it  was pro American coup.

But the United States forget that Falkland Islands conflict and the cracks in international recognition of British sovereignty over the islands, may one day return to her too. This is no longer a military coup, political conflict or event with negligible short-term interests, but about the fundamental meanings fateful for the long term. In what the British control over the Falkland Islands is different than the U.S. domination of Puerto Rico? In both cases it was an area occupied from the Spanish Empire her sunset. Falklands with the departure of the Spaniards from South America and Puerto Rico due to the Spanish–American war and the departure of the central continent.

If the United States recognizes even slightly in the legitimacy of Argentina right on Falkland Islands, a day will come, and she will have to meet the requirements of the countries in Central America on Puerto Rico. Also Argentine claim that Falkland's residents not entitled to self-determination because they are immigrants who came to the island two centuries ago and only the original inhabitants of the Falkland Islands have the right to self-determination can not even considered in the United States. Because Texas, was established in exactly the same way, settlers of Anglo - Saxon origin fed up with the Mexican government, preferred to declare independence and then merged with the United States, and no one really think Mexico has any right on Texas.

What will happen tomorrow if Guatemala suddenly decides not to recognize the independence of Belize, a country with a history similar to Falkland Islands, did the United States not express a firm stand? Or Venezuela's Hugo Chavez suddenly decides he wants back Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, will the United States also be silent, just to approach South America countries?

Latin American residents need to understand that you can not turn the clock back. Two hundred years of Anglo - Saxon and European rule can not suddenly stop just because some leaders are looking for an ancient national pride or to strengthen their rule. Besides, South America countries, who said that these territories are historic Latin? Do not forget that you were not there first.

If the United States did not make a firm position, the continent of America may enter a slippery slope, President Obama enough to sit on the fence, interfere in the crisis now.


the truth אמר/ה...

Obama Turns His Back on his real friends in the world.

The Falkland Islands will always be British! אמר/ה...

Join Us:

The Falkland Islands will always be British!


אנונימי אמר/ה...

since time began territory has changed hands many times between empires and countries and thats what shapes the world we live in today, the fact remains that the falkland islands have been british since 1833 and is now a self governing peaceful community of british people and are not open to negotiation, argentinas claim to these islands on a geographical issue is absurd especially when argentina as of many south american countries are COLONIZED lands so somewhat hypocrital, but this is more an issue of territory it is also about oil too and americas quiet stance on this proves now that the special relationship britain has with the usa is now not so 'special' after all but without wishing to sound 'arrogant' we did not need the usa last time argentina invaded our islands and if it comes down to it we won't need them again



אנונימי אמר/ה...

Israel occupied Palestine united kingdom occupied Falkland Islands

Dan אמר/ה...

To the Anonymous

I can't agree with you more

Dab אמר/ה...

to the Anonymous

I can't agree with you more

אנונימי אמר/ה...

And Argentina occupied south America.

David832 אמר/ה...

to Anonymous#1: From David from Argentina

you said, that Islas Malvinas are dwelled by peaceful british people, but the dwellers there, are called KELPERS, so, is known that that name is despective, and UK people became concious of the ISLAS MALVINAS in 1982, so, wich is theirs absolute right to say something if we are the absolute claimers for centurys, I SAID.-

Bob Alder אמר/ה...

Interesting!!give Texas back to Mexico as the same arguement applies as the Falklands!!!!!

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Mark Halahan אמר/ה...

The US administration is currently very weak both at home and abroad, not good. So as all weak elected governments they seek approval from otherwise weak minorities i.e. the Hispannic vote.
At the time when we the US / UK have the make or break operation in Afganistan where we are both loosing soldiers on a daily basis, Ms Clintons statements are both confusing and offensive.
Omer the answer to your question is the US is lost at the moment.

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Roger Hargrove אמר/ה...

Bob we don't have to give Texas back they are just moving here to live and then they get to vote and they vote for Democrats and they get free Healthcare and education

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Ian Formstone אמר/ה...

bloody good article...the bloody yanks are waiting to see which way the wind will blow.typicl...fuck em all

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Roger Hargrove אמר/ה...

Hey there Ian, good thing average Americans don't feel that way about you British...I somehow think you will need us somewhere down the line.

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Ian Formstone אמר/ה...

who needs the yanks.we don,t

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